Captains Chairs are a popular feature for those looking to have more spaced out seating in a Honda Pilot SUV. The only problem most car shoppers have is that there is not a place where you can easily see which Honda Pilot models actually have this feature. That is why we've created a guide here for you to be able to easily shop for a Honda Pilot SUV that has captains seats.
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You will find that captains chairs are available on Honda Pilots with 7 seats. This is due to the fact that the captains chairs replace the bench seat in the middle row getting rid of a seat. You will find captains seats on Honda Pilot models such as the Honda Pilot Touring, Honda Pilot Black Edition, and the Honda Pilot Elite.


Which 2022 Honda Pilots Have Captains Chairs?

As captains chairs are become a more popular feature, they are being added to more trim levels of the Honda Pilot. Within the 2022 Honda Pilot lineup, there are 3 trim levels that you can expect to find captains chairs in. If you are ordering a new Honda Pilot from a dealer, you can always have the model you would like upgraded to include captains chairs.


2022 Honda Pilot EX-L - Split-Bench 3rd Row Seat - 8 seater - No Captains Chairs


2022 Honda Pilot TrailSport - Split-Bench 3rd Row Seat - 8 Seater - No Captains Chairs


2022 Honda Pilot Sport - Split-Bench 3rd Row Seat - 8 Seater - No Captains Chairs


2022 Honda Pilot Special Edition - Split-Bench 3rd Row Seat - 8 Seater - No Captains Chairs


2022 Honda Pilot Touring (7 Passenger) - 2nd Row Bucket Folding Captain - Optional


2022 Honda Pilot Black Edition - 2nd Row Bucket Folding Captains Chairs


2022 Honda Pilot Elite - 2nd Row Bucket Folding Captains Chairs

Advantages and Disadvantages of Captains Chairs?

There are both pros and cons of having captains chairs. The main advantage of having captain chairs is the added comfort they provide. This is particularly noticeable when compared to a standard bench seat. Captains chairs allow for more comfortable seating and more legroom than a bench seat, as well as easier access to the third row. Additionally, captains chairs add some style to the interior of your Honda Pilot SUV.


The main disadvantage of captains chairs is that it reduces the seating capacity of your Honda Pilot from 8 passengers to 7 passengers. This can be a problem for larger families who need the extra seat or for those who use their Honda Pilot mainly for carpooling. Additionally, with captain’s chairs, you cannot have a center console which some people may prefer.


Now that you have a better understanding of which Honda Pilot models have captains chairs, you can make an informed decision on whether or not this feature is right for you and your family. So if captain's chairs are the perfect fit for your Honda Pilot SUV, then start looking for the models mentioned above!

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