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Bryan Honda Seasonal Service Tips in Fayetteville, NC

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If you need some pointers for what to look out for in your vehicle each season, we at Bryan Honda have a few tips.
  • When you clean the cabin of your vehicle, switch out the air filter too. This is what gives your vehicle that fresh “new car” smell by letting in air through a clean filter.
  • Always check your tire tread depth and switch to all-season tires if you had snow or winter tires. This is so that your vehicle is equipped to handle wet spring roads.
  • Because of spring rain, it’s also important to replace old wiper blades to prevent streaking and improve visibility.
  • Have your fuel system, power steering, and engine and cooling system checked to keep your vehicle’s performance in proper working order.
  • Pay attention to your tire pressure and only gauge pressure after your vehicle has been turned off for more than three hours. This is called your “cold inflation pressure.” This is because driving on hot pavement causes the air inside your tires to expand, resulting in an inaccurate reading.
  • Be careful of driving tires on hot pavement because the increased pressure can cause tires to pop more easily.
  • Like in spring, you should double-check that your windshield wipers and tire tread depth are in proper working order, especially if you’re going on a trip.
  • Fall is one of the most important times of the year for vehicle service because car owners are getting ready for the harsh temperatures of winter. As a result, you should:
    • Flush your radiator and replace it with new coolant.
    • Check your headlights.
    • Make sure your belts and hoses aren’t damaged.
    • Make note of the age of your battery.
  • Batteries lose capacity in cold weather, so make sure you clean off any corrosion and make sure your battery is charged.
  • Double-check wiper fluid - which doesn’t freeze at the same temperature as water - as it will come in handy during snow storms and freezing rain.
  • Swap out your tires for more grippy winter tires.
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