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Why Buy From Bryan Honda?

Lifetime Engine Warranty
    $1,475 Value

Complimentary Protection Package
    $495 Value

First 2 Years Maintenance Free
    $300 Value


Free State Inspections For Life
    $300 Value

Lifetime Complete Front End Alignment Check
    $295 Value

Complimentary Key Tag Reminder System
    $145 Value

Complimentary Shuttle Service
    Unlimited Value

What vehicles does the Mr. Big Volume Advantage cover?
Answer: All new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles with
under 100,000 miles.

Does the Mr. Big Volume Advantage end at any pre-determined date?
The Mr. Big Volume Advantage has no pre-determined end date. If you purchase a new or pre-owned vehicle from us there is no expiration date.

How does the two-year maintenance program work?
Oil changes under the two-year maintenance program include the oil, oil filter, and tire rotations. The maintenance plan
will consist of 4 oil changes in the 2 year period based on average driving habits and recommended service intervals. This program covers Standard Motor Oil & Filter. If you request, or if your vehicle requires a special filter or more than 5 quarts of oil, there will be a surcharge. Trucks with more than 4 wheels will require a rotation surcharge. See Service Advisor for details.

How do complimentary state inspections for life work?
The Mr. Big Volume Advantage provides complimentary state inspections for life for the entire duration you own your vehicle purchased from Bryan Honda.

When and how do you receive a complimentary rental car?
You can get a complimentary rental car at any time for applicable warranty repairs.

What does the complimentary protection package consist of?
This is an interior/exterior sealent that can be applied to vinyl, fabric, etc ..

If I get my vehicle serviced out of town do I void the Mr. Big Volume Advantage?
To maintain the Mr. Big Volume Advantage we require that you service your vehicle at Bryan Honda. However if a special circumstance arises and you are over 250 miles from the dealership the Mr. Big Volume Advantage will not be voided. You will need documentation of that service when you return for your next service at Bryan Honda.

Do I have to do all my repairs and maintenance at Bryan Honda?
Yes, to keep the Advantage in effect, Bryan Honda will help by offering competitive prices on repairs, tires, and maintenance items
(Brakes, Filters, Alignments). We also only use factory parts and have certified technicians repairing your vehicle.

If I go over the mileage on my maintenance will I void the Mr. Big Volume Advantage?
Excess wear on a vehicle can occur when maintenance is not performed at the recommended intervals. We do require that you do your services within 100 miles of the factory recommended intervals.

What is the personalized key tag and reminder system?
You will receive a personalized key tag and reminder service with the Mr. Big Volume Advantage. You will be reminded of services due, and when you come in just present your key tag in the service drive!
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